Element Trial Event


Element Trial Event in Puzzles and Conquest – is a boss fight in which you can only use Heroes of certain elements and rarities. It features Personal and Ranking Rewards.

If you do not have enough Heroes for the requirements, you can still take part in the event using, for example, 3-4 heroes instead of five.

Rules of Element Trial Event

  • Deploy heroes of specific elements / star level to participate in.
  • Bosses can be challenged multiple times. The highest damage dealt will be calculated as your event result.
  • Deal damage as high as possible to get abundant rewards.
  • There are also heaps of rank rewards. Do your best!

Element Trial monsters will start using their skills in the 11th round. Note that they are immune to crowd control effects (such as stun or silence).

About Rewards

There are 10 phases of awards in Personal Ranking. To reach the phase 10, you will need to make 15,000+ damage to the monster.

Also, in addition to the personal rating, the Trial has a general rating of the kingdom, where the 50 Best Lords receive numerous rating awards. The most valuable prize is definitely the Diamond chest, which can give you from 18 to 28,888 Diamonds per opening!

Do your best to get the highest Ranks and numerous of rewards. Great Luck to your Lord in Element Trial Event in Puzzles and Conquest!


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