Demon Incursion Event


The Demon Incursion Puzzles and Conquest is an event in which you have to kill monsters on the global map of the world. In this event you and the members of your alliance will be constantly attacked by monsters from the Hell Fortress from whose attacks you need to defend yourself. During the attack your screen will be highlighted in red.

General rules for the Demon Incursion Event

  1. Your resources are protected from demon incursion, and most units that are wounded in battles against the demons will be healed.
  2. The demons are immune to Shield of Grace effect.
  3. The more waves of the demons you fight off, the more rewards you can get.
  4. The demons will leave your territory alone after successfully breaching your territory 2 times. When that happens, you can still reinforce your allies to get pts.
  5. The event will end when you and all your allies’ territories are breached 2 times.
  6. Lords that quit their alliance during the reward delivery period may not receive any rewards.
  7. Demon Incursion can be manually started by R4/R5 members.

Note: Members who join the alliance AFTER the event starts will neither gain pts nor obtain any rewards.

How to earn points

Lv.1 Demon Soldier3 000
Lv.2 Demon Soldier4 200
Lv.3 Demon Soldier5 400
Lv.4 Demon Soldier6 600
Lv.5 Demon Soldier7 800
Lv.6 Demon Soldier9 000
Lv.7 Demon Elite51 000
Lv.8 Demon Soldier11 400
Lv.9 Demon Soldier12 600
Lv.10 Demon Leader276 000
Lv.11 Demon Soldier15 000
Lv.12 Demon Soldier16 200
Lv.13 Demon Soldier17 400
Lv.14 Demon Elite93 000
Lv.15 Demon Soldier19 800
Lv.16 Demon Soldier21 000
Lv.17 Demon Elite111 000
Lv.18 Demon Soldier23 400
Lv.19 Demon Soldier24 600
Lv.20 Demon Leader516 000

The most valuable and most difficult in this event are the Demon Leaders. A strong Rally attack is needed to attack them.


The Demon Incursion Event rewards are divided into three types:

  • Alliance reward – 20 phases of rewards for the total points of all members of your alliance.
  • Alliance Rank Rewards – rating of all alliances in your Kingdom in which the most powerful guilds are fighting for prizes.
  • Personal Rating – personal rating of the players in your Kingdom by the number of points scored in the event.

Event recommendations

  1. During the event all your troops and you must be in the castle for the most powerful defense.
  2. The event starts the Leader of Alliance or his officers.
  3. The attack lasts for 1 hour from the moment it starts.
  4. Place the most level up heroes on the Wall.
  5. Demons up to level 10 attack castles (yours and allies from the alliance).
  6. Demons from 10 to 20 levels attack the Fortress of your Alliance.
  7. Don’t forget to use traps.
  8. During the attack on the Alliance Fortress the allies send their troops to the central building of the alliance.
  9. After defending the Alliance Fortress immediately return your troops to your Castle.

We wish you luck with the Demon Incursion Event in Puzzles and Conquest and a high rating for your Alliance.


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