Sauroi Power Event


Sauroi Power Event in Puzzles & Conquest is performed within 24 hours, so try to complete it within this period. For completing it, you can get many useful items, including Diamonds and Hero Choosing Cards. And if you earn big points in the Personal Rating, then the Fragments of Heroes 5 stars will be your reward.

Your task in this event is to obtain Runestones and Saurgems by any means. You can get them for completing quests, completing other events, using special items, or buying fragments from the store.

How to get Points

You can use Runestones to get Points:

Get 100 Military Runestones40 Pts
Get 100 Economy Runestones40 Pts

You can also use Saurgems to get Points:

Obtain 1 star Essence of Saurgem200 Pts
Obtain 2 star Essence of Saurgem1 000 Pts
Obtain 3 star Essence of Saurgem4 000 Pts
Obtain 4 star Essence of Saurgem10 000 Pts
Obtain 5 star Essence of Saurgem40 000 Pts
Obtain Saurgem Spinel2 000 Pts
Obtain 3 star Saurgem1 000 Pts
Obtain 8 star Saurgem Promoter20 000 Pts

About Rewards

As we wrote above, the Sauroi event has two tables of rewards:

  • Rewards for Points,
  • Personal Ranking.

In Rewards for Points, you can get a variety of resources, diamonds, accelerations and other useful items for the development of your Territory.

But in the Personal Ranking there is a struggle for very valuable awards, only the top 100 Lords of the kingdom can receive these prizes. For the first place you can get 30 fragments of a five-star hero. But to take it you will have to spend a lot of effort on preparation and invest a lot of real money. For example, in our Kingdom, the leading players gain over 18+ million points!

Each server has its own situation with a personal rating, it may be more realistic to reach first place in your kingdom.

Try to do your best in Sauroi Power Event in Puzzles & Conquest and gool luck and highest Ranks!


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