Alliance Gift


The Puzzles and Conquest Alliance Gift is a reward for alliance members to purchase the game with real money in the game store. When one of the allies or you purchases something in the in-game store (promotions, items, sets, etc.), a gift arrives for the members of the alliance and fills the scale of the Grand Alliance Chest.

Chests contain resources, speedups, diamonds, items, etc. You can open gifts within 24 hours, after which the chest becomes unavailable (as in the screenshot above) and you can only delete it.

General Rules Alliance Gift Puzzles and Conquest

  1. Purchasing alliance packs allows you to send Alliance Chest to your allies.
  2. Claiming an alliance chest will grant Alliance Treasure Growth, which will grant a grand alliance chest when full.
  3. Claiming a grand alliance chest will grant Alliance Chest EXP, which increases Alliance Treasure Level.
  4. The quality of alliance chests is determined by the alliance treasure level.

Level Up and Grand Alliance Chest

Each time you collect gifts your character will fill the Grand Alliance Chest (Large Alliance Chest) indicator. When the indicator is completely full, all members of the alliance will receive the Grand Alliance Chest. Rewards usually contains diamonds (x200) and it gives an increase in the overall level of the Alliance Chests.

The higher the level of gift chests, the more and better rewards you will receive.

The value of the gift for the Grand Chest is displayed after collecting the reward from the bottom of the item. The value for increasing the level of the Alliance Chest at the Grand Chest is also displayed.

We wish all Alliances to quickly level up the maximum Alliance Gifts Puzzles and Conquest and receive maximum gifts for their friends!


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