War Banner


The War Banner in Puzzles and Conquest is a special building that serves as an information platform for the Military View of your troops. In it you can view the military formations that are available in your Castle.

Let’s take a closer look at what this building gives in the gameplay, as well as how to activate it.

Why the War Banner is in the game?

One of the most important activities in the game is the battles on the World map. For this (and not only) you are given the opportunity to form troops and send them on a military campaign.

In total, you can train and improve four main types of troops:

  1. Infantry,
  2. Ranged,
  3. Cavalry,
  4. Siege (Catapults).

Troop training does not open immediately. At the beginning, after creating a new account, you need to go through two chapters of the Campaign with the completion of the Main Quest and the Tutorial. Then you can activate the Barracks and start training military units.

With the development of the territory, you become available to create Traps that protect your Castle from the attack of enemy players. You can create them in the Trap Workshop.

All these military formations are created and improved in different buildings on the territory of your Castle. In order to be able to find out the statistics about all types of troops that you have created, the War Banner has been built.

Going into the building menu, you can see a summary table of all military units that are in your army. Military details are revealed through special tabs that are classified by type of military. Each cell shown the name of the formation, the picture of the squad and the number of soldiers you have trained.

Military Details

In this part of the menu of the War Banner building in the game Puzzles and Conquest, you can see a table with data that summarizes the military training units of your Lord’s Castle.

Total UnitsNumber of Units / Available Quantity
Hourly Food CostQuantity (psc/h)
March QueueBusy Queues / Available Quantity
Fortif. TrapNumber of Units / Available Quantity
WoundedNumber of soldiers in the Infirmary / Available number of beds

You can see all the relevant information on the state of the army in your Castle in one table.

How can I find the War Banner in Puzzles and Conquest?

The building can be seen on the main map of your Castle (internal menu – main screen). The structure does not need to be built, it is already available as the base building of the Castle. There is no need to get special access to the building.

If you have just started the game and your Lord and Castle are Level 1, you can still go into the building and see there in the statistics – everything is zero. To enter the building menu, move the screen to the area to the left and lower than the Castle (building). Below the Barracks, between the Bank and the Tower of Trial, you will see a flagpole with a red Banner.

This is how the War Banner can be found in Puzzles and Conquest.


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