Battle of Saurnesia Event


Battle of Saurnesia Event in the game Puzzles and Conquest is an endurance event in which the Lords try to take combat positions and hold them as long as possible.

“To the South of Saurland, hundreds of highbred dragons reside in Saurnesia. For thousands of years, they fought alongside humans to protect their mutual homeland. However, the evil force emerged again to disrupt peace and order. Please head to Saurnesia and protect the Dragon Cub Escort from invading demons”.


  1. Battle of Saurnesia is an alliance-versus-alliance competition. The participants will need to occupy as many wonders as possible for pts.
  2. Occupy-able wonders include Ancient Tower, Dragon Ruins, Divine Fountain, Dragon Lair, and Arcane Portal; each grants different pts and effects. Saurnesia (start point of Dragon Cub Escort) cannot be occupied.
  3. The occupation of a wonder takes 3 mins. Do your best to defend it!
  4. When the Dragon Cub Escort passes through your wonders, a significant amount of alliance/personal pts will be granted.
  5. Units wounded in this event will be sent to the Battlefield Infirmary. When you leave the batterfield, the units will be returned safe and sound.
  6. When the battle ends, the alliance with a higher amount of pts wins. Both parties will obtain rewards.
  7. Fame can be exchanged for various items in the Saurnesia Shop.

Sign Up and Match

  1. Qualified alliances can sign up for this event.
  2. For alliances that have at least 10 members with Lv.20 Castle, their leader/officer can choose a specific participation time (changeable during sign-up period).
  3. The actual participation time may differ from the one chosen by your leader/officer due to matching mechanic. When that happens, a notice will be sent via mail.
  4. Alliances with close Dragon Affinity and participation time will be matched.

League & Dragon Affinity

  1. New Alliances will start from the lowest league grade: Rookie.
  2. Your league grade is determined by Dragon Affinity.
  3. The result of each battle of Saurnesia and the Dragon Affinity differential between the two participants determine the increased/decreased amount of Dragon Affinity.
  4. As your league grade raises, more wonders and Dragon Club Escorts will appear on the battlefield. Meanwhile, teleport chances may decrease.


  1. Endorsement Period lasts for 24 hrs (starting from the end of Sign-up Period). In this period, Lords can endorse 1 alliance (except those in your own kingdom and their opponents) in each timeframe.
  2. All endorsers of the winning alliance will share the opposing alliance’s prize pool (according to endorsement sum of Diamonds; not higher than 5X).
  3. The limit of each endorsement sum in 1 000 Diamonds.
  4. You have 3 endorsement chances.

Rules by League Grade

League GradeDragon Affinity >Dragon Club Escort QtyTeleport Times
Pro I5002999
Pro II1 0002999
Veteran I1 5002999
Veteran II2 200390
Elite I2 800380
Elite II3 600360
Star I4 500460
Star II5 500440
Legend7 000540

Participation Requirements

  1. Lv.20+ Castle required.
  2. You can’t re-enter the current battlefield if you exit before the battle ends.

About Rewards

  1. Both parties can get rewards after the battle
  2. Don’t forget to ckaim on the event page.
  3. Alliance Reward: All the members with higher than 0 pts can claim.
  4. Personal Reward: Achieve as many point phases as possible for more rewards.
  5. When no opponents are matched, all members can get the alliance reward.


At the start of the battle, each of the two alliances will be placed in the nothern or southern safe zone.


  1. Cannot teleport or attack.
  2. Check the map to create a battle plan.


  • Stage 1. Ancient Tower and Arcane Portal become occupy-able.
  • Stage 2. Divine Fountain, Dragon Ruins, and Dragon Lair become occupy-able.
  • Stage 3. Dragon Cub Escort sets out from Saurnesia to Dragon Lair (via a random route).

End of Battle

  1. All wonders enter Protected status. Marching Dragon Cub Escort disappears.
  2. You can check the battle results. The alliance with the higher pts wins.
  3. You can manually exit the batterfield or let the system do the honor for you.


  1. The occupation of a wonder takes 3 mins.
  2. First occupation grants 1st-occupy pts (to involved members and treir alliance).
  3. After successful occupation, the wonder grants pts every second(to involved members and treir alliance).
  4. Wonders include Dragon Lair, Ancient Tower, Dragon Ruins, Divine Fountain, and Arcane Portal.
  5. Please check Pts Info for more information as to how many pts each wonder grants.

Pts Info

Dragon Club Escort

IncidentAlliance PtsPersonal Pts
Reach Dragon Lair15 0004 000
Reach other wonders9 0003 000

Protect the Dragon Clubs as they march from Saurnesia toward Dragon Lair. Occupy wonders to gain pts (granted when the dragon cubs pass through).

Dragon Lair

IncidentAlliance PtsPersonal Pts
1st Occupation6 0001 800
Constant Occupation1 200/min360/min

Where the dragons reside. A wonder of paramount military significance in Saurnesia.

Divine Fountain

IncidentAlliance PtsPersonal Pts
1st Occupation3 0001 500
Constant Occupation600/min300/min

Where the dragons heal and rest. Occupy it to grant all your allies Heal Speed +50%.

Dragon Ruin

IncidentAlliance PtsPersonal Pts
1st Occupation3 0001 500
Constant Occupation600/min300/min

The glory still lingers in this ancient site. Occupy it to grant all your allies Troop ATK +50%.

Ancient Tower

IncidentAlliance PtsPersonal Pts
1st Occupation1 2001 200
Constant Occupation240/min240/min

An auxiliary military wonder.

Arcane Portal

IncidentAlliance PtsPersonal Pts
1st Occupation1 2001 200
Constant Occupation240/min240/min

A portal built by powerful mages. First occupation grants 5 teleport chances. After then, 1 teleport chance is granted per minute.

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