Watch Tower


The Watch Tower in Puzzles and Conquest is a building that serves as an observation post for your Palace Territory. Receive notifications about unforeseen events that are approaching you with the help of this building.

In the game the Watch Tower is functionally described in the form of an explanation:
“Watch Tower send you a notification whenever your territory or camps are under attack, recon, transport, or reinforcement.”

Let’s consider this building in more detail.

Why is the Watch Tower is in the game?

When you become a Lord and start developing your territory you do not want anyone to encroach on its integrity. The Watch Tower is a signaling observation structure will help you know in time that an enemy scout is approaching.

The mechanics of the game provides for the possibility of players attacking each other not only in the form of a puzzle battle, but also in the form of capturing the opponent’s Castle for the purpose of robbery. At the same time the invader will take away your resources unprotected by the Storage and set your territory on fire.

If you are in the game at this moment your main game screen will flash with a red border, indicating the danger. At the same time a telescope icon will appear from the bottom-right where it will be indicated that you have undergone Reconnaissance and the enemy scout is getting information about you. Or maybe the enemy is already at full speed rushing to rob you with his army. This gives you a chance to respond to the threat.

Building development levels

You can upgrade the building and unlock new features of the Watch Tower in Puzzles and Conquest. In total it is possible to upgrade the Watchtower from 1 to 40 levels in the Castle.

The table shows a summary of the level of development and unlocking of the available options for alerts about an attack on you and additional protection.

1Warning! Troops Approaching! Reveal the troop’sintention.
2Unlock Recon future to reveal the Castle resources. 
3Warning! Reveal approaching the troop’s coordinates.
4Scout to reveal the target’s estimated total traps.
5Warning! Reveal the approaching troop’s arrival time.
6Scout to reveal the target’s estimated troop size.
7Warning! Reveal the approaching troop’s alliance.
8Scout to acquire the info of the target’s heroes.
9Warning! Reveal the estimated size of approaching troop.
10Scout to reveal the target’s unit types.
11Warning! Reveal the unit type of approaching troop.
12Scout to reveal the target’s estimated total of each unit type.
13Warning! Reveal the estimated total of approaching troop by unit types.
14Scout to reveal the target’s exact total of each unit type.
15Warning! Reveal the approaching troop’s exact unit total by unit type.
16Scout to reveal target’s Wall DEF, trap names and estimated total.
17Warning! Reveal the approaching troop’s hero count.
18Scout to reveal the target’s exact total traps.
19Warning! Reveal the approaching troop’s hero list.
20Scout to reveal the reinforcement and troop hero.
21Warning! Reveal the approaching troop’s detailed hero list.
22Scout to reveal the estimated size of the target’s reinforcement.
23Scout to reveal the unit types of the target’s reinforcement.
24Scout to reveal the unit names of the target’s reinforcement.
25Scout to reveal the estimated total of the target’s reinforcement by unit type.
26Scout to reveal the exact total of the target’s reinforcement by unit type. 
27Unlock Fortify feature to allow fast territory boosts when under attack!
28Scout to reveal the target’s wounded units within the sanctuary.
29Scout to reveal the target’s buildings within the sanctuary.
30Scout to reveal the target’s boost info.
31Troop Dmg Boost +0.5% 
32Troop Dmg Boost +1% 
33Troop Dmg Boost +1.5% 
34Troop Dmg Boost +2% 
35Troop Dmg Boost +2.5% 
36Troop Dmg Boost +3% 
37Troop Dmg Boost +3.5% 
38Troop Dmg Boost +4% 
39Troop Dmg Boost +4.5% 
40Troop Dmg Boost +5% 


How can I find the Watch Tower in Puzzles and Conquest?

The building is available immediately at the first level of your Castle development. You do not need to join the Alliance or perform any other special actions. The Tower does not need to be built it is presented ready-made.

To find the building you should go into the game and look at the main screen of the inner map of the Castle. There to the right of the Castle you will see a stone Tower soaring in the sky against the background of mountains, standing on an island of earth.

To interact with the Watch Tower in Puzzles and Conquest click on a building and you will see an internal building menu. There you can select the “Upgrade” button to go to the building improvement tab and start developing it.


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