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Puzzles & Conquest is online “Match 3” combat strategy game in which you are challenged to complete various tasks in order to increase your Might and increase your importance compared to other players. The game presents itself a mixture of puzzles and strategic confrontation.

Starting in Puzzles & Conquest

At the first stage immediately after starting the game you will find a welcome dialogue and an introductory tutorial on how to complete the puzzles. After successfully completing the introductory part you are given a Castle with a Kingdom and starting heroes (they took part in the starting scenes). The objective of your further game will be the need to develop your Castle, improve heroes and collect a powerful army.

When you join the game you are automatically taken to the “Kingdom” indicated by the Kingdom number (for example K72). You are simply known as “Lord” and are given a generated “name” and a standard bearded young man’s avatar with a crown. The generated name consists of your kingdom number with a string of 10 alphanumeric characters (for example K72-4a5862b90).

At the initial stage of the game you are led by a charming Heroine. This is a learning challenge where you will be given time to learn new environment and game mechanics. When you get to the Castle you can change your character name and avatar (standard and purchased).

Although there are many Kingdoms you will only compete with other players within your Kingdom. The basis of the game is your kingdom is invaded by monsters that you have to fight and kill. You are also invited to fight other players in your Kingdom.

Quest system

The main resources in the game are: food, wood, iron, gold, diamonds and soulstones. With the help of resources you will develop your buildings and army and you will also be able to level up heroes and start their evolution.

You have access to both the Kingdom map which displays the Castle and all buildings and the World Map which shows the location of other players, allows you to form an Alliance and hunt monsters. Also the World Map allows the Lord to send an army to wild Farms and Lamber Camps to collect strategic resources in the game Puzzles & Conquest.

A new Kingdom appears every two weeks. On your home and world map, you can: extract resources, attack other Castles, rob other people’s troops, strengthen your allies, kill monsters. As part of a group you can organize or join the attack on the Hell Fortress or attack on enemy.

From the World Map mode you can also switch to a bird’s-eye view of the entire Kingdom. The map shows the Kingdom is actually located in concentric rectangles known as “ranges,” with the outermost range having the least resources and the innermost range having the most resources. In the center is Draconia where the leader of the kingdom (if any) resides.

Variety of quests

As you develop you will receive all the new quests from the game. In addition to the main quest there is a system of daily quests the completion of which will give you various items. There is a system of events the fulfillment of conditions of which gives very good things. Your daily quests will include the following actions.

Quests on the home map:

  • build and improvement of buildings
  • research at the Institute, the development of the Lord’s talents (leveling up)
  • training army (Ranged, Infantry, Cavalry) and the creation of equipment (Traps, Catapults, etc.)
  • battle in Arena with other players
  • collection of resources, exchange in the Store
  • try your luck in the Hall of Heroes
  • make a wish in the Goddess Statue
  • help allies in the Alliance, etc.

Do not forget to get all the rewards for regularly visiting the game and completing daily quests which will be highlighted by a special indicator in the menu on the main screen.

Quests on the world map:

  • hunting on monsters
  • collection of resources from resource points
  • attacking other players (not necessary, but the game encourages this by the quest system)
  • participation in Rally on the Hellish Fortress,
  • participation in the building of the Alliance facilities
  • monitor the Stamina parameter for participation in activity, etc.

In addition the game provides an opportunity to participate in the Campaign and win bonus items for completing the stages of clearing the Kingdom from Monsters. Along the storyline you will receive quests for completing each of the sections of the Campaign which will give you level up Heroes and collect the Essence of Life which is needed to awaken the Dragon. To activate the Campaign menu click on the stone gate with a blue glow in your Castle.

Quests on the Campaign map:

  • create a suitable formation of Heroes for each level of each stage in accordance with the elements of the enemy monsters
  • level up your Heroes
  • complete the stages of the Campaign in accordance with the accumulated number of Action Points, etc.

The quest system encourages you to join the Alliance. Membership in the Alliance provides many benefits such as assistance with building and research, joint defense and Rally attacks against monsters. You need to participate in the life of the Alliance every day, there is a special section of quests for these purposes. The game also has several quests that cannot be completed without joining the Alliance.

By joining the Alliance you can move your Castle to the Alliance’s territory. You must be with the alliance members in case of an enemy attack in Puzzles & Conquest.


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