Hell Event


Hell Event in the Puzzles and Conquest game it is an event that lasts several days, and each game day gives new tasks to the player. You should be as active as possible in the game, as well as complete all tasks on time and collect points for winning prizes!

How to get points

The event lasts for several days. On each day, you will receive a specific grid of tasks, for the completion of which you can earn rewards. Quests are related to the standard daily activity in the Castle and on the territory of the Kingdom. The phases of the tasks can change during the day.

Unit training

Train T1 Unit5 Points
Train T2 Unit10 Points
Train T3 Unit15 Points
Train T4 Unit22 Points
Train T5 Unit30 Points
Train T6 Unit40 Points
Train T7 Unit55 Points
Train T8 Unit70 Points
Train T9 Unit85 Points
Train T10 Unit110 Points
Train T11 Unit150 Points
Train T12 Unit180 Points
Use Training Speed-Up (1 min)15 Points

So, in order to receive the Rewards, you should increase the number of Points through the Training of units of a certain Tier (T) and through the use of the Training Speed-up item.


Might improved by 1 via Construction2 Points
1-min Build Speedup15 Points

In this phase of completing tasks, you should speed up the construction process in your Castle. Upgrade buildings and build new ones to get Points. Speedups of Construction can be activated after you have started the process of improving the building by clicking the “Speedup” button.


Might improved by 1 via Researching2 Points
1-min Research Speedup15 Points

When the Research phase comes, then you should throw all your strength on the Institute building. There, in the internal menu of the building, you can select those technologies that are available to you for improvement. Do not forget to speed up the process with the items Research Speed-up.

We have named the approximate tasks that will be offered to you in the Hell Event in the Puzzles and Conquest game. You may be faced with the change of several tasks in one game day, so play more actively.

About Awards

In this event, the reward is presented in two variants: the Points Reward and the Personal Rating. The Points reward will be received immediately after a certain number of game Points have been collected. Personal Rating will bring you deferred rewards. If you try and enter the top 100 Lords by points among all kingdoms (at least 937,500), you will receive generous rating rewards.

Point Rewards include:

  • Diamonds,
  • Wishing Coin,
  • Speed-Ups (60 min.),
  • Blitz-Token,
  • Resource Chest,
  • Gear, Gems and Emblems Mods,
  • Fragments 5-star Hero Animus,
  • Wind Walk.

Depending on the Phase in which your collected Points are, you will receive sets of these items.

The Personal Rating reward will be sent to your in-game mailbox based on the results of your efforts. It includes eight sets assigned to certain groups of Rating Positions. They include a different number of 5-star Frag. Hero Animus, Small Resource Chests and 60 Minute Speedups.

Keep an eye on the quest phase in the Hell Event in Puzzles and Conquest game and win the best rewards!


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