System Errors


Due to the large-scale redesign of the application, a huge number of system errors appeared in the Puzzles and Conquest game. The cycle of Game Updates has begun, which includes debugging game mechanics, working with localizations, adding new items, events and interactive elements.

Because of that Patches are released spontaneously, after the next night update, many players were unable to enter the application, which caused massive panic, especially among players who have a high-level Castle and invest real money through the donation system.

At the time of this writing, three Updates were released during the day and the game version has already reached 4.0.110. This, of course, is very inconvenient. However, we are all looking forward to stability, as the development team assures that the technical support service is actively working on fixing bugs.

In the player’s internal mail, you can read the message about the maintenance and receive Compensation for freezes and unstable work of the application. You can pick up a package with items on the main screen of the Castle on the right in the Green Chest. Also, due to problems with the game, you can get a Gift Set using a special Gift Code. Read how to do this in our Gift Code article.

You can read the digest of the latest major Update in the article Game Update 4.0.84. We keep you in touch with the latest information on working on System errors in Puzzles and Conquest and wish you a good game!


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