Sakura Rain Event


The Sakura Rain Event in Puzzles & Conquest is a festive event that unlocks the opportunity for players to earn special Sakura Blossom items from daily activity to exchange them for Points.

The more Points you can earn, the higher the level of the Sakura Rain chest you will open, and you will also be able to receive bonus sets and items daily.

Rules of The Sakura Rain Event Puzzles & Conquest

  1. The event lasts for 3 days. On the 4th day, you can claim the rewards you won, but you cannot obtain any more Sakura.
  2. Sakura can be obtained via Hero Challenge, Hell Fortress, Campaign, Arena, Daily Quests, and Mall.
  3. There is a daily limit for Sakura obtained via Hell Fortress, Campaign, and Arena.
  4. You can use Sakura to increase event EXP, with a chance to trigger 2X, 5X, or 10X bonus.
  5. Increase event level to unlock more rewards. Tier 2 and Tier 3 rewards can be unlocked via spending Diamonds or purchasing certain Mall packs.
  6. After the event, you can convert surplus Sakura into some other resource.

How to get Points

To get Points in the form of Sakura, the player needs to complete Daily Quests, which are available in the Main Menu of the Castle on the bottom panel in the Quests tab. These will be standard tasks for improving buildings, training units, fighting in the Arena, using Endurance, etc.

After completing the task, you will be able to fill out the interactive panel in the Sakura Rain Events menu. Click on the button Use with the image of Sakura, which is located next to the Chest. The scale will fill up, and the levels of the Reward Table below will gradually become available to you.

Also participate in the Rally Attacks on Hell Fortress with your Alliance members to earn additional Sakura Points. To do this, you must be a member of the Alliance. You can check your allied status in the Main Menu of the Castle on the bottom panel in the Alliance tab.

Please note that there is a daily limit for obtaining Sakura Points in daily activities. The limit for Sakura is in the list:

  • Hell Fortress – daily cap 99,
  • Daily Quest – daily cap 50,
  • Campaign – daily cap 30,
  • Arena – daily cap 10.

So, even if you have accumulated a large supply of Hero Arena Passes, you will not be able to get more points than the limit set. The developers of the game hint that you can buy additional paid Packs for real money to earn high-level rewards (very sad).

Also, along with this event, another festival Hero Challenge Event started, you can see it in another article on this website. It is a boss fight for a limited number of moves. This event earns you Sakura Points.

About Rewards

As a Reward for activity in the Event, you can get Items from three rank tables. The first level of Rewards will depend on the current points for completing quests and activity. The second rank can be unlocked for 3,000 Diamonds. The third rank is only available for real money donaters. To unlock it, you will have to make a transaction in the game and make a donation.

Among the first level of Rewards, the Table contains the following items:

  • Diamonds,
  • 1-star Essences (Gem, Saurgem, Curio, Warsigil),
  • 1-star Gear Shard,
  • Resources,
  • Speed-ups,
  • Spinel (varied),
  • Skin for the Castle – Sakuraby 3 days (ATK Infantry + 10%, ATK Ranged + 10%, ATK Cavalry + 10%),
  • 5K EXP Sauroi, Runestones.

Sakura Collection Ranking Rewards are provided. During the participation in the Event, for each Sakura earned, you will receive 10 Points. The top 1,000 Lords of the Kingdom will receive generous Rewards for their Rank. Among the Ranked Rewards you will find: Sakuraby Castle skin, Rare Curio Scroll Chest, Gear Shard, Essences and Warsigils.

We wish you good luck with the Sakura Rain Event in Puzzles & Conquest and get more worthy rewards!


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