Hero Challenge Event


Hero Challenge Event in Puzzles & Conquest it is a festive event. The event is a fight with five bosses of 5-Star Heroes with a limited number of moves.

In this challenge, you are given five attempts to inflict maximum damage on opponents. As a reward for the Event, you can receive Sakura Points, which are required to participate in the Sakura Rain Event, and bonus items.

How to get Points

In order to receive Event points, you should go to the Events panel in the Puzzles & Conquest Event Center menu. Next, you select the Challenge tab and press the button to join it.

After that, you will be presented with a character selection menu, where you can select a team of Heroes to participate in the Challenge. Try to choose the most advanced Heroes to deal maximum damage. You will be confronted by five high-level characters: Lucifer, Michael, Sarbor, Poseidon, Orochi.

In total, the player will be offered 5 attempts to get the maximum points for the Challenge. The event lasts for several days, and every day of the Event, the table of points received will be updated. At the end of the event, the results will be summed up and Ranked Rewards will be assigned for the best attempts with the highest amount of damage to enemies.

About Rewards

In the individual competition, you can collect 10 phases of rewards. To open the tenth phase, you will need to deal 30,000+ damage to bosses.

Challenge rewards are shown in the table:

11506 х 2K Food, 6 х 2K Wood
24505 х Sakura, 12 х 2K Food, 12 х 2K Wood
390024 х 2K Food, 24 х 2K Wood
41,80036 х 2K Food, 36 х 2K Wood
53,6005 х Sakura, 60 х 2K Food, 60 х 2K Wood
67,20010K х Economy Runestone, 100 х Diamond Chest, 72 х 2K Food, 72 х 2K Wood, 10 х 1K Iron
710,80010K х Economy Runestone, 84 х 2K Food, 84 х 2K Wood, 20 х 1K Iron, 20 х 500 Gold
815,00010 х Sakura, 10K х Economy Runestone, 96 х 2K Food, 96 х 2K Wood, 30 х 1K Iron
924,00010K х Economy Runestone, 108 х 2K Food, 108 х 2K Wood, 50 х 1K Iron
1030,00020 х Sakura, 20K х Economy Runestone, 120 х 2K Food, 120 х 2K Wood, 100 х 1K Iron

Also, in addition to the personal rating, the trial has a general rating of the kingdom, where the 50 Best Lords receive numerous rating awards. Among the prizes you can find: Sakura Points, 5K Sauroi EXP, Diff Runestones.

Good luck with the Hero Challenge Event in Puzzles & Conquest and take a high place in the Lords Ranking.


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