Hotfix on June 25, 2021


Many players faced problems in regular events, such as the Dragonia War (Military Expedition) and the Boneyard in Puzzles and Conquest, due to which the developers urgently released a hotfix on June 25, 2021. Let’s figure out what has changed in the game.

  1. The occupier of Dragonia now receives mail when Dragonia is attacked by Altars in Dragonia War (Military Expedition) Event.
  2. Improved the gathering speed of Dragon Fossils and increased the quantity of Dragon Ruins, Swords of Slayer, and Shields of Savior in the Boneyard Event.

Recently, there has been an increase in problems with weekly events in the game, due to which many players are experiencing difficulties and are faced with bugs. We hope that timely content rework, including hotfixes, will help Puzzles and Conquest bounce back to normal.


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