Defeat Minotaur Event


In the “Defeat Minotaur” event in Puzzles and Conquest, you have to catch up special in-game items to defeat the Minotaurs. This is a limited time holiday event.

Rules of Defeat Minotaur Event

Minotaur’ weapon War Axe was broken into pieces during the war. Collect the weapon shards to fuse War Axe to summon Minotaur and defeat it to receive rich rewards.

  1. Summon higher level Minotaur with rarer War Axes and defeat it to get richer rewards.
  2. Lords must initiate or join a rally to attack Minotaur.
  3. Once summoned, Minotaur will exist for 1 hr for lords to defeat it.

How to get Points

In order to participate in the “Defeat Minotaur” event, take part in daily activities in your Castle and on the World Map, get special fragments of Stones for making War Axes.

War Axes are special items that summon a Minotaur of 1st, 2nd and 3rd might levels when Fused. If you defeat them during the event, you can exchange them for Bull Horns in the Exchange Shop.

Note: At the end of the event, the Minotaur can still be summoned, but defeating it will not bring any rewards.

About Rewards

To summon and defeat special Monsters in a rally attack, you need War Axes.

The War Axes can be:

  • Normal (Level 1 Minotaur, gives 50 Bull Horns),
  • Rare (Level 2 Minotaur, gives 100 Bull Horns)
  • Epic (Level 3 Minotaur, gives 300 Bull Horns).

Bull Horns can be exchanged for prizes in the special Exchanger Shop, which can also be found in the Events – Holiday Events menu.

You can get in exchange for items:

  • Fragments of Caishen,
  • Curio Instant Craft,
  • 8-star Promoters,
  • Meteoric iron
  • Spinels, Shards, Essences, Sigils,
  • Speed-ups (60m).

Take part in the “Defeat Minotaur” event in Puzzles and Conquest game and claim your prizes!


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