Hotfix on July 8, 2021


The game developers released the Hotfix for Puzzles and Conquest on July 8, 2021. It mainly concerns the current mechanics of the Event-rolls, the Alliance, the Curio system. Let’s figure out what has changed in the game.

  1. Your reward choices in last round are now saved in Divination and Lucky Draw.
  2. Lords who have been allocated chests from Alliance Treasury are now placed at the end of the list.
  3. Winning the attack on a castle within alliance territory now reduces its wall DEF by 1, 500.
  4. Added Curio Warehouse tab to hero system.
  5. Added cosmetics for the Castle: Sunset Palace skin (Infantry DEF + 10%, Ranged DEF + 10%, Cavalry DEF + 10%), Cool Summer Ambience (Infantry HP + 10%, Ranged HP + 10%, Cavalry HP + 10%) , Isle Fest Nameplate (Troop HP + 2%), March Twilight Glider (Troop ATK + 2%, Hunting March Speed + 2%).

Do not forget to collect compensation for maintenance: 300 Diamonds, Research Speed-up 60m х3, Healing Speed-up 60m х3 after Hotfix for Puzzles and Conquest on July 8, 2021.


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