Game Issues June-July 2021


Like all regular players, we noticed new problems and crashes, issues in Puzzles and Conquest in June-July 2021. Let’s consider these anomalies in more detail.

A major overhaul of the store and its policies is coming. In this regard, recently all the flags of the Kingdoms flew off and returned temporarily to their basic default options.

For a long time there were problems with entering the game, namely, the login did not work correctly on the server. Because of this, players could not enter the game for 72 hours.

The Lux’s Test event has changed over and over again. After analyzing the data by the 37Games team, it was decided to return the old event schedule (UTC-4 / UTC-12 / UTC-20).

On the eve of the final of the European Football Championship on July 11, 2021, freezes, lags and “splitting” of game models into some fragments occur in the game from the very morning.

Also, the fate of the “Boneyard” event is still unclear, because it continues to run on servers.

We are monitoring the changes in the game and keeping you updated with the latest Puzzles and Conquest issues. Stay in touch.


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