Burning Realm Event


The Burning Realm Event in Puzzles and Conquest is a festive event aimed at receiving in-game bonuses and lasts 4 days. It can be found in the Holiday Events menu. In this event, players need to look for special Cerberus monsters on the World Map and send rally attack troops from your Castle along with members of the Alliance after them to get unique in-game items to exchange for bonuses.

Rules of Burning Realm Puzzles and Conquest

Description: “Cerberus, the watchdog of the underworld, has left its post to come explore the human world. Wreathed in fire, it destroys all things in its path. The rivers dry up, the forests burn, and the hound of war walks across the land. Only by defeating it can this crisis end. The spines on its back are vital to restoring the earth.”

  1. Find and defeat Cerberus on the world map to get rich rewards.
  2. Killing higher-level Cerberus grants richer rewards.
  3. Lords must initiate or join a rally to attack Cerberus.

How to Participate

To get special in-game items, you need to defeat the Cerberus on the World Map. To do this, you should send a rally-attack squad to defeat the Monster. Players from your Alliance will be able to fight with you and also receive prizes.

The event lasts 4 days, so try to collect as many items for exchange as possible. The exchange can be made in a special “Exchange Shop”, which is also located in the Holiday Events menu.

In order to play in this event, you can go to the Events bar and click the “Challenge” button, then you will be automatically redirected to the World Map. Next, you click on a Monster of a suitable level of strength and launch a rally attack.

About rewards

When you have collected a certain number of special “Spine” items, go to the Exchange Shop Event in the Holiday Events section. Among the valuable Rewards you will find:

Skin for the Castle “Sunset Palace”,
“Isle Fest” avatar frame,
Nameplate for the Castle “Isle Fest”,
5-Star Hero Fragments Caishen,
8-star Promoters.

In addition to these items, you can get sets of in-game bonuses like Spinels, Shards, Essences, Warsigils, Speedups, etc. In Cerberus chests, you can also find Spinel for improvement, Resources and more.

Take part in the Burning Realm Event Puzzles & Conquest and get the most useful bonuses!


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