Ice Dew Collection Event


The Ice Dew Collection event in Puzzles and Conquest is a festive event that will allow you to earn in-game bonuses. During the chsllenge, players need to actively get special Event points in the Castle and on the World Map. To do this, you will also need to complete daily quests and defeat the Hell Fortresses.

Rules of Ice Dew Collection Puzzles and Conquest

Description: “The soil lies burned and barren, and the world has turned into a burning hell. Only by collecting Ice Dew can the world be cooled once more.”

  1. The event lasts for 4 days. On the 5th day, you can claim the rewards you won, but you can’t obtain Ice Dew any more.
  2. Ice Dew can be obtained via Exchange Shop.
  3. You can use Ice Dew to increase event EXP, with a chance to trigger 2X, 5X, or 10X bonus.
  4. Increase event level to unlock more rewards. Tier 2 and Tier 3 rewards can be unlocked via spending Diamonds or purchasing certain Mall packs.
  5. Unused Ice Dew can be converted into 10 Diamonds in Bag.

How to earn Points

You can get special event points – Ice Dew – through the activity in the game. Your task is to participate in daily activities as much as possible, completing Quest chests, spending action points in the Campaign, winning the Arena and conquering the Hell Fortresses. If you want to get extra bonuses, you can use the donation system and buy packs for real money.

Ice Dew can be found in the Holiday Exchange Shop. It can be obtained for the Spine from the Burning Realm Event.

When you get a certain number of points, you will be able to use them through the button “Use”. This will open the columns in the Rewards table. To unlock additional columns with prizes, you will have to spend Diamonds and real money.

About Rewards

As rewards for active participation in the event, you can receive various in-game bonuses, including:

  • Diamonds,
  • Speedups,
  • Spinel, Shards, Warsigils, Promoters, Essences,
  • Curio addons,
  • Resources,
  • Sauroi experience, etc.

During the event, each Ice Dew obtained grants 10 pts. The top 1000 lords of the Battle Division will receive abundant rank rewards. You can receive a new Ambience “Cool Summer”, a Chest of Rare Sketches of Relics, etc.

Each unit of Ice Dew obtained during the event gives 10 Points. The “Top 1000” Lords of the “Battle Division” will receive a new Atmosphere “Cool Summer”, a Chest of Curio Rare Scrolls, etc.

Participate in the Ice Dew Collection Event in Puzzles and Conquest, collect as many event points as possible and take away your wonderful rewards. Good luck to you all!


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