Primordial Breath Event


The Primordial Breath Event in Puzzles & Conquest is a festive event that gives players bonuses for their activity in the game. The duration of this event is 7 Days. You will need to complete a lot of tasks to get a variety of rewards.

Rules of Primordial Breath Puzzles & Conquest

  1. This event lasts for 8 days. During the first 5 days, you can accept quests of three themes on a daily basis. Complete them in the first 7 days to claim rewards and pts.
  2. Quests won’t be available on the 8th day, but you can claim chests according to the total pts earned in the first 7 days.
  3. Open Origin Chests to get amazing rewards including 5 star Hero Choice Cards.

Event Mechanics

Basically, the event tries to involve the player in an active development process in order to receive rewards for usual and daily tasks.

The main stages can be divided into two directions:

  • Five-day activity system,
  • A chest with a growing value level.

Each game day includes several areas of activity in the game. Game days will not be available to you immediately. You will begin your collection of Rewards on Day 1. There you will see three thematic tabs:

  • Total Login,
  • Wild Gatherer
  • Tech Upgrade.

If you have completed all the requirements of the stage, then next to the task and the list of rewards there will be a button “Claim”, which will change to the word “Claimed”. If you have not made all the preparations yet, the message “Unachieved” will be displayed. In case you missed the task on a certain Day or could not fulfill the requirements of the stage, you will see the “Completed” checkbox. In this option, you will no longer be able to receive specific rewards for completing the task.

By analogy with the first day, the following Days of the Event are also built, only they are formed by other thematic tasks and various awards.

Earning Points

For each section of each game Day of the Event, you can earn a certain number of Points.

At the end of time (on the 8th Day), you will receive, respectively, with the received Event Points, the number of Chests you earned by value level (0-100).

About Rewards

Every day for completing thematic tasks you will receive rewards in the form of sets of items. These can be Speedups, Experience, Resources, Oath Runes, Diamond Packs, and other bonuses.

It is interesting that for visiting the maximum reward of the fifth day will be themed design of your account: Skin for the Castle Great Pyramid (3 days), Avatar Frame Ancient Legend (7 days).

For active completion of tasks on all game Days, you receive Points, which are taken into account in the Chests with Rewards.

In this Event, as a reward, you can receive up to 100 levels of value for the Chest reward.

Contents of Chests:

  • 5-star Hero Choice Card.
  • Research Speedup(60 min).
  • Training Speedup (60 min).
  • Build Speedup (60 min).
  • 1-star Gear Shard.
  • 1-star Gem Essence.
  • 1-star Saurgem Essence.
  • 1-star Warsigil Essence.

Festive Cosmetics

The game features New Cosmetics:

  • Skin for Castle Great Pyramid – Infantry HP + 10%, Ranged HP + 10%, Cavalry HP + 10%.
  • Eyes of Ra Ambience – Troop ATK + 5%, Troop DEF + 5%.
  • Ancient Legend Nameplate – Troop ATK + 2%.
  • Scorpion King March – Cavalry ATK + 4%, Hunting. March Speed + 2%,
  • Ancient Legend Avatar Frame – Cavalry ATK + 5%.

The Primordial Breath Event Puzzles & Conquest is a serious competition to hone your playing skills. Participate and get your rewards!


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