Hotfix on August 11, 2021


The game developers released the Hotfix for Puzzles and Conquest on August 11, 2021. Let’s see what has changed in the game.

  1. After your Castle reaches Lv.30, 3-star gems can be automatically selected when enhancing gems.
  2. March speed of troops in rallies against Dragonia/Altar won’t be reduced anymore.
  3. Lords who have cleared Lost Land and Trial Challenge can complete daily quests now.
  4. You can check your Curio Might now on the Lord Info page.
  5. New skin for Castle “Romance Palace”. Improvements: Troop ATK +5%, Troop Defense +5%, Troop HP +5%.
  6. New ambience for Castle “Magpie Bridge Reunion”. Improvements: Infantry Defense +10%, Ranged Defense +10%, Cavalry Defense +10%.
  7. New nameplate for Castle “Soul Connection”. Improvements: Troop DEF +2%.
  8. New march for Castle “Deer Carriage”. Improvements: Troop HP +2%, Hunting March Speed +2%.

Do not forget to collect compensation for maintenance: 300 Diamonds, Research Speed-up 60m х3, Training Speed-up 60m х3 after Hotfix for Puzzles and Conquest on August 11, 2021.


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