Alliance Party Event


The Alliance Party event in Puzzles & Conquest is a regular event designed to bring everyone in the alliance together for a festive gathering. In this event, players need to open special chests and receive rewards.

Rules of the Alliance Party event Puzzles & Conquest

Event description: “The event has already started. Enter the event scene to join the party!”

  1. R4/R5 members can start Alliance Party manually.
  2. The event lasts for 30 mins, during which lords can join the party.
  3. Surprise gifts will appear in the event scene periodically. Each lord can pick up a total of 15 gifts at most.
  4. Lords can send mystery gifts to all players in the kingdom. Pick up gifts sent by other lords to get richer rewards.
  5. Note: Each player can only join the party once within the event duration.

How to Participate

In order to take part in the event, you need to notify all your alliace people and choose a time to start the event. If you start the Alliance Party, you will have a fixed time to join the Event. To start the Party, you need to pay 1,000 Alliance Honor Coins.

If you start the Event, then after the end of the event (30 minutes), other members of the Alliance will no longer be able to enter the Event scene. If you leave the Event scene while searching for gifts, you will no longer be able to return to it.

When you enter the scene of the event, you will see a special area with a 3D avatar of your Lord. A similar system is used in the Lux’s Test Event. You will see yourself and the members of the Alliance on the screen. You can move the avatar using a dedicated button on the screen. Look for chests with gifts in the Events space, which will appear in a certain period of time.

About Rewards

As a reward for participating in the Event, you can receive in-game bonuses. These are various Speedups, Resources, items for promoting gear, gems, and so on.

Note: the quest was launched recently, so you may encounter a bug when it will be impossible to receive your rewards, which come in a message to the in-game mail. If you encounter this error, please contact the technical support team of the game or describe your problem in the special section of the game Discord.

Participate in the Alliance Party Event in Puzzles & Conquest, get prizes, and have a good time with your Alliance members!


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