Lux’s Test Event


Lux’s Test Event in Puzzles & Conquest is a new situational event that replaces the already earning bonus for viewing ads from the app store. You can participate in this event only on certain days of the week and at strictly defined times.

The quiz is held among certain groups of Lords. It is possible to work together to find solutions to the tasks that Lux gives in this testing.

Rules to the Lux’s Test Event Puzzles & Conquest

  1. Each test has 30 questions.
  2. You will have 30s to answer each question.
  3. Correctly answering a question grants rewards instantly. Each participant can get rewards up to 15 times.
  4. After joining the event, you’ll have a 5-min preparation period. When the period ends, the test will begin immediately.
  5. After the test ends, you’ll have certain minutes to leave the event. When the time ends, participants will be forced to leave.
  6. During the test, you can chat or use horns to exchange info with other lords.
  7. To maintain a good experience, only some participants will be displayed in the event scene.

How to participate

So, in this event, at a certain time, which is announced in the upcoming events tab of the Event Center, you will get into the Test room virtually at the same time with a number of Lords. You can exchange messages to try to pass the test together and give as many correct answers as possible in the limited time.

The event is a specific interactive modification of the classic Quiz in the Bulletin building. The game developers encourage players to constantly stay online in the game, so the Event schedule is built within a certain time frame. In fact, you will not see anything special there, but the bonuses that can be obtained in exchange for correct answers will not be superfluous.

To participate in the Test, go to the Event Center during the Event and click the “Start” button. After that, your 3D avatar goes to the round Testing room, which will be divided in half at the beginning of the event. One half will be assigned to one answer option, and the second, highlighted with an aura of a different color, will be assigned to the second answer option.

In front of you there will be a round manipulator on the touch screen of the device (in emulation on PC you can move it with the mouse), with which you send your Lord to the desired half of the field. There are 30 questions in the Quiz, and if you reach 15 correct answers, then you will not receive any rewards further. The questions relate not only to the gameplay, but also to General topics, such as Geography, Computers or History, and more.

About Rewards

There are no unique awards in the Event. You will receive standard reward packages like Resources, Speedups, and so on. You will receive rewards immediately after answering the questions of the Test.

The only thing to look out for is the new Modifiers that can be converted into parts for Upgrading Gear, Gems, etc. Take part in the Lux’s Test Event in Puzzles & Conquest, earn prizes, and have a good time!


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