Gate of the Abyss Event


The Gate of the Abyss Event in Puzzles & Conquest is a regular event that updates the Alliance Buildings list and allows participants to make rally attacks against the Raid Boss. In this event, players will need to gather their power and defeat the Monsters at the Gates of the Abyss.

Rules of the Gate of the Abyss Event Puzzles & Conquest

Event Description: “After opening the Gate of the Abyss, lords need to launch rally attacks on the Abyss Lord during a limited period of time. If the Abyss Lord is killed, all members will receive rewards. After the Gate closes, rewards will be sent based on
damage dealt. (However, only the lords who have joined the alliance for more than 72 hrs can participate)”.

  1. Only alliance leader/officers can start [Gate of the Abyss]!
  2. Alliance members can initiate rallies at the same time (no quantity limit applied).
  3. After the Gate of the Abyss closes, rewards will be sent based on each lord’s damage dealt.
  4. Kill rewards will be sent to all members if the Abyss Lord is killed.
  5. If the Abyss Lord is killed before the Gate closes, Abyss Legions will appear. Players can keep attacking them to improve damage dealt and obtain more rewards.

How to Participate

To begin with, the Leader or Officers of the Alliance need to place an Abyss Gate structure on the territory of the Alliance. This is done instantly and does not require construction squads. When the Gate is built, you will be able to agree with the members of the Alliance about the time of participation in the Event.

To trigger an Event at a specific time (delayed), you can click on the Abyss Gate and select a time and level for launching rally attacks. This event is not available to participants who have just joined the Alliance.

After activating the Abyss Gate, an Alliance member with a high rallied attack limit (depending on the Hall of War in the Castle) will be able to initiate an unlimited number of rallied attacks. The rules for conquering the Hell Fortress do not work here in the full sense, when you adjust the types of troops of your participants for maximum damage and minimum losses. The player’s task is to send full squads to inflict maximum damage.

After you defeat the Abyss Gate, you will receive your prizes. Recharge time of the Gate is 2 days and 20+ hours. A prerequisite for participation is more than 72 hours in the Alliance.

About Rewards

As rewards for successfully participating in the Event, you will receive various combinations from the set:

  • 8-star Saurgem Promoter,
  • 4-star Saurgem Spinel,
  • 1-star Saurgem Essence,
  • Resources,
  • Alliance Coins.

Kill Rewards. “Defeat the Lord of the Abyss within a certain amount of time to receive your rewards. You can then attack the Abyss Legions to get even more rewards for the damage done in the event.” Depending on the level of the Abyss Lord, you will receive a pair of Oath Rune (II and III tier) and Coin of the Alliance (from 1800 to 5700 coins).

Damage Reward. “When the Abyss Gates are closed, Lords will receive rewards for the damage they inflicted on the Abyss Lord or the Abyss Legions during this event.” This category contains an impressive reward table, which takes into ranking according to the amount of damage done. You can get: items for Saurgems, Coins of the Alliance, resources.

Have a lot of fun with the Alliance members in the Gate of the Abyss Event in Puzzles & Conquest and earn the highest rated rewards!


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