Treasure Realm Event


The Treasure Realm Event in Puzzles and Conquest is a holiday event that allows players to search for treasures. During the challenge, players need to hunt demons in the Slay Demons Event in a rally attack on the World Map in order to exchange special items in the Exchange Shop.

Rules of the Treasure Realm Event Puzzles & Conquest

  1. You can get Treasure by acquiring a treasure map.
  2. 5-Star Hero Choose Card / Perfect Fragment: 1.5% chance.
  3. Fragment of the Hero Caishen: 8.8% chance.
  4. Promoter Chest / Essence Chest: 22.5% chance.
  5. Meteoric Iron / Curio Promoter / Upgrade Items: 38.5% chance.
  6. Other Items: 28.7% chance.

How to get Points

First, you should go to the Slay Demons Event, which runs in parallel with this event. Gather with the members of your Alliance and search the Demon on World Map. Earn special items and exchange them in the Exchange Shop for Treasure Maps.

You can carry out one Treasure Hunt by pressing the “Hunt x1” button, or immediately activate the “Hunt x10” for 9 Treasure Maps. You can purchase one Treasure Map for 1000 Diamonds. Up to 15 purchases available.

About Rewards

As rewards for active participation in the event, you can receive various in-game bonuses, including: Hero Cards, Hero Fragments, Chests, Items for Hero Curios, Resources, etc.

Ranking Awards. Each treasure hunt conducted on the World Map during this event is worth 1 point. 1000 Best Lords according to the results of the Battle Division will receive generous rating awards, including: Ambience of the Castle “Glory of Unity”, Curio Chests, Diamond Chests, Essences.

Take part in the Treasure Realm Event in Puzzles and Conquest, collect as many event points as possible and take your wonderful rewards that will help you in your successful game.


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