Slay Demons Event


The Slay Demons Event in Puzzles and Conquest is a holiday event that allows players to receive in-game bonuses and special items for the Exchange Shop. During the challenge, players need to hunt demons in a rally attack on the World Map in order to then use the event items in the Treasure Realm Event.

Rules of the Slay Demons Event Puzzles & Conquest

Event description: “Due to the turbulence of elements, some demons broke away from the seal, causing the world to fall into chaos”.

  1. Find and defeat demons to gain abundant rewards.
  2. Higher the demon level, better the rewards.
  3. To challenge the demons, you need to launch or join a rally.

How to get Points

Participate in rally attacks with members of your Alliance on the World Map. As a reward for conquering demons, you will receive various in-game bonuses. You can also get Demon Blood. It can be exchanged for various items in the Exchange Shop. Note: Each will be converted into 10 Gold when the event ends.

Demons on the World Map have different levels of power. You can send out a reconnaissance squad to find out which troops should be sent to kill the Furious Demon. In a rally attack, a minimum of 3 players are allowed. You will spend Action Points (AP) to fight Demons.

About Rewards

As rewards for active participation in the event, you can receive various in-game bonuses, including:

  • Demon blood,
  • Spinels,
  • Soulstones,
  • Demonic chests,
  • Lord’s Experience,
  • Resources.

You can go to the Exchange Shop in the Holiday Events section and exchange Demon Blood for a Treasure Map and other in-game items.

We wish you good luck with the Slay Demons Event in Puzzles and Conquest, defeat powerful Monsters and claim your awesome rewards.


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