Dream-seeking Plan Event


The Dream-seeking Plan event in Puzzles and Conquest is a festive event focused on earning game bonuses. During the Challenge, players need to actively earn special Event points in the Castle and on the World Map, as well as receive items in the Exchange Shop Event. To do this, you will also need to cooperate with members of your Alliance and participate in rally attacks.

Rules of the Dream-seeking Plan Puzzles & Conquest

  1. Leader/R4 members of Lv.2+ alliances can place Dreamseeker within alliance territory after the event starts. Dreamseeker can’t be recycled and will disappear when its duration ends.
  2. Use Dream Balloons to upgrade Dreamseeker. Each Dream Balloon used grants 100 extra Alliance Coins.
  3. Higher level Dreamseeker can exist longer and grants stronger buffs.
  4. Lv.6+ Castle required to join the Dream-seeking Plan event.
  5. Dream-seeking Plan lasts for 3 days. Lords won’t be able to place Dreamseeker after the plan ends. Unused Dream Balloons will be converted to 10 Diamond.
  6. The event page will exist 1 more day for lords to claim rewards.

How to earn Points

You can get special event points – Dream Balloons – through the activity in the game. Your task is to participate in daily activities as much as possible, closing Quest chests, spending action points in the Campaign, winning the Arena and conquering special Monsters and Hell Fortresses. Also, items can be obtained in a special Exchange Shop.

When you get a certain number of points, you will be able to use them through a special button. This will open the columns in the Rewards table. To unlock additional columns with prizes, you will have to spend Diamonds and real money.

Also, don’t forget to go to the World Map and send your troops to the Dreamseeker to get Alliance Coins.

About Rewards

As rewards for active participation in the event, you can receive various in-game bonuses, including:

  • Relic Promoter,
  • Spinel, Shards, Warsigils, Essences,
  • Sauroi Experience, Runestones,
  • Speedups,
  • Diamonds,
  • Resources.

Ranked Rewards and Personal Rank also include: Colorfull Balloons Castle Ambience, Rare Relic Sketch Chests, Diamond Chests, 5-Star. Hero Cards, Relocate and other generous bonuses.

Note. It is possible that this event is not displayed correctly. The development team claims that these bugs have already been fixed, as evidenced by Compensation in Mail. If the Event does not work for you, contact the game’s technical support.

Participate in the Dream-seeking Plan Event in Puzzles and Conquest, collect as many event points as possible and get your wonderful rewards that will help you in the game.


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