Game Update ver. 5.0.38


Today, June 10, 2021, the developers have released a fresh Game Update 5.0.38 Puzzles and Conquest. Let’s take a closer look at what is brought into the game and what problems have appeared. We remind you that when server maintenance starts, access to the game is disabled for one hour consecutively in all Kingdoms. If you have not yet passed the update, then soon it will be in your Kingdom.

Traditionally, a message about technical work is sent to the game mail. Message in the mail:

“Theme: Maint. Compensation.
From: Lux.
Time: 2021/06/10 12:15:02.
Massage: Thanks again for your patience. Please accept the maintenance compensation. Have a good game!”

Game Changes

  1. Added a new Hero: Garlib. 5-star Hero of the Water element, deals area damage, debuffs the attacks of enemies at high level. Has the economic characteristics of the troop.
  2. After attacking the guards in the Pit, the list of Heroes selected for this purpose will now be saved.
  3. Optimized the order of entries in the Alliance Wars list.
  4. Added a new Skin for the Castle: “Dragonboat”. Improvements: Infantry ATK + 10%, Ranged ATK + 10%, Cavalry ATK + 10%. To activate, press “Castle” – “Skin Display” – “Castle” – “Dragonboat”.
  5. Added a new Ambience for the Castle: “Dragon Boat Racing”. Improvements: Troop ATK + 5%, Troop HP + 5%. To activate, press “Castle” – “Skin Display” – “Ambience” – “Dragon Boat Racing”.
  6. Added a new Castle Nameplate: “Midsummer Sun”. Improvements: Troop DEF + 2%. To activate, press “Castle” – “Skin Display” – “Nameplate” – “Midsummer Sun”.
  7. Added a new March for the Castle: “Draken”. Improvements: Hunt March Speed ​​+ 2%, Troop DEF + 2%. To activate, press “Castle” – “Skin Display” – “March” – “Draken”.

Obviously, a new Festive Event in the game is being prepared, connected to the Summer Festival. There we will see new “cosmetics” for the game and, probably, a new Hero.

What else is going on

It became known that the Boneyard event is being reworked. Recently, the game developers conducted a survey on their Facebook, which showed that there are a number of serious issues in the Boneyard, in particular, it connected to groupping castles to teams by difficulty levels, and much more.

Dear Lords.
We have recently received many feedbacks of Boneyard and we are sorry for all the problems that you have experienced. In order to optimize this event better, we here to collect feedback from all lords on Boneyard, focusing on the following aspects: Activity Time, Rank Matching Mechanism, Game rules.
In the comment area you can leave your Unit level, server number, account ID, character name, and the most importantly Feedback content of Boneyard in our Facebook, we will give rewards to every lord who participates in giving feedback. The period of collecting feedbacks: 2021.6.4-2021.6.8

There is no definite answer yet whether this event will be completely replaced or corrected. You may have received compensation for your activity on 37Games Facebook page, be sure to check the chest and the letter in the mail.

After the update, a number of players had a breakdown on the main screen of the Castle. The menu has become transparent, and pink squares have appeared instead of Events and the Mall. Report to the technical support mail of the game about the problems so that the patch with the fix will be released faster. However, the developers are aware of what is happening and are already working on the problem.

Dear Lord,
Some issues occurred in game interface. We have known about the problem and our Technical department are working on getting them fixed as soon as possible. Compensation will be sent via mail Later. Thank you for your understanding and support.


So, you will be able to receive a set of certain bonuses in the game for the fact that the server has been shut down. This time, you will receive the following sets in Green Chests:

  • Maintenance Compensation 06/10/2021: 300 x Diamonds, 3 x 60 m Building Speedup, 3 x 60m Training Speedup.
  • Compensation for issues 06/10/2021: 1000 x Diamonds, 2 x Recall Troops, 3 x Oath Rune II, 5 x 1K Soulstones.

Have a nice game and don’t forget to collect all the Compensations that you can find on the Castle main screen in the form of interactive chests after Game Update 5.0.38 Puzzles and Conquest.


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