Serpent’s Gift Event


The Serpent’s Gift Event in Puzzles & Conquest is a holiday event and can be found in the Holiday Events menu. In this event, players need to look for special monsters of the Emerald Serpents on the World Map and send troops from your Castle after them in order to get unique in-game items to exchange for bonuses.

Rules of Serpent’s Gift Puzzles & Conquest

Description: After thousands of years of cultivation, serpents will be able to transform into powerful dragons as long as they pass the final trial. Several Emerald Serpents have come to this world to undergo a 4-day trial, during which visiting them grants rich rewards.

  1. Visit Emerald Serpents on world map during the event for a chance to get Dracoath Boxes/Keys/Serpent Jades.
  2. Every Lord can obtain up to 10 Dracoath Box Keys daily.
  3. Serpent Jades can be exchanged for various items in the event shop.
  4. Open Dracoath Boxes to get awesome rewards.

How to participate

To collect in-game items, you need to defeat the Emerald Serpents on the World Map. To do this, you should send a troop to defeat the Monster. Monsters have no gradation of strength or weakness, so participation in capturing Serpents is available even to weak players.

The event lasts 4 days, so try to collect as many items for exchange as possible. The exchange can be made in a special “Exchange”, which is also located in the Holiday Events menu.

In order to play within this event, you can go to the Event bar and click the “Find” button, then you will be automatically redirected to the World Map.

About awards

When you have collected a certain number of special items – Serpentine Jade, go to the Exchange Shop in the Holiday Events section. Among the valuable Rewards you will find:

  • Dragonboat Castle Skin,
  • “Midsummer Sun” avatar frame,
  • The plate for the Castle “Midsummer Sun”,
  • 8-star Promoters.

In addition to these items, you can get sets of in-game bonuses like Spinels, Shards, Essences, Warsigils, Speesups, etc.

The Emerald Serpent chests also contain the Dracoath Key and the Dracoath Box. This box contains a Perfect Fragment, a 5-Star Hero Card, Promoters, Resources and more.

Take part in the Serpent’s Gift Event in Puzzles & Conquest and get the most useful bonuses!


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