Dreameater Invasion Event


The Dreameater Invasion Event in Puzzles & Conquest is a holiday event and can be found in the Holiday Events menu. In this event, players need to look for special Dream Eaters monsters on the World Map and do rally atacks with your Alliance members for them to get unique items to exchange for bonuses.

Rules of the Dreameater Invasion Puzzles & Conquest

Event description: Dream Eaters have invaded the world. They eat sweet dreams and leave nightmares. To dispel the nightmares, you must find Dreameater’s Spirit.

  1. Find and defeat Dream Eaters to get rich rewards.
  2. Killing higher level Dream Eaters grants richer rewards.
  3. Rally attack is required to defeat the Dream Eaters.

How to Take part

To collect special items, you need to defeat the Dream Eaters on the World Map. To do this, you should unite with your allies in the Alliance and launch a rally attack on the Monster.

The event lasts for 3 days, so try to collect as many items for exchange as possible. The exchange can be made in a special “Exchange Shop”, which is also displayed in the Events menu.

To participate in this event, you can go to the Event banner and click the “Challenge” button, then you will be automatically redirected to the World Map to the Dream Eater.

About Rewards

When you have collected a certain number of special items – Dream Eater’s Spirits – go to the Exchange Shop Event in the Holiday Events menu. In exchange to these items, you can get sets of in-game bonuses like Spinel, Lord’s Experience, Soulgems, etc.

Valuable Awards:

  • Skin for the Castle “Joyland”. To activate, press “Castle” – “Change Skin” (Improvements: Troop Defense + 10%, Troop HP + 10%),
  • The Dream Balloon item, which is used in the Dream-seeking Plan Event,
  • Fragments 5-star Hero of Caishen,
  • Frame for avatar “Childhood Memory”. To activate, click “Lord” – “Change Frame” (Improvements: Troop Defense + 2%),
  • 8-star Promoters, etc.

Have a good time with festive events and get the most useful bonuses in the Dreameater Invasion Event in Puzzles & Conquest!


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