Hotfix on 11-13-21


The game developers released a Hotfix for Puzzles and Conquest on November 11 and 13, 2021. Let’s figure out what has changed and what has been added in the game.

  1. Added the Hero Skin feature. Available heroes currently: Yune, Skender, and Michael.
  2. Balanced the damage dealt by each unit type to Hell Fortress: Infantry damage increased,
    Ranged damage increased, Cavalry damage unchanged.
  3. You can see the curio scroll chests you own when using the Exclusive Craft function.
  4. You can instantly teleport to the floors you reached after the Pit resets.
  5. Optimized damage calculation in the “Gate of the Abyss” event.
  6. Added a new event: Treasure Cave. This Diamond Expert weekend the Treasure Cave will be replacing the Diamond Exchange shop. The Diamond Exchange Shop and Treasure Cave will open on alternating Diamond Expert weekends.
  7. Changes to the duration of the Deluxe Summons event.
  8. New event was anounced for 11-16-2021.

“Dear Lord. Soon the game will provide a new match-three event!
-The event will include the following.PVP with match-three battles.

-Real-time matching based on points.

-No extra recharge requirements, to ensure fair competition.”

Follow the game news and Hotfixes for Puzzles and Conquest, the last of which were released on November 11 and 13, 2021, with us! Good luck with the game!


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