Guardian of the Night Event


Guardian of the Night Event in Puzzles & Conquest is a festival event for Halloween 2021 and can be found in the Events menu under the Holiday Events section. In this challenge, players are invited to look for special monsters of the Nether Guardians on the World Map and send troops from your Castle after them to get unique in-game items to exchange for bonuses.

Rules of Guardian of Night Puzzles & Conquest

Event Description: “As the night falls, the boundary between the human world and the otherworld is getting thinner. All of a sudden, a pumpkin-headed Nether Guardian, in a blue robe and wielding a scythe, has appeared and prevented other ghosts from
invading the human world. Meaniwhile, he has bought a lot of gifts. Visit him to get awesome rewards”.


  1. Visit Nether Guardian on the world map during the event for a chance to get Guardian Boxes/Keys and Pumpkin Lanterns.
  2. Every Lord can obtain up to 10 Guardian Box Keys daily via visitation.
  3. Pumpkin Lanterns can be exchanged for various items in the event shop.
  4. Open Guardian Boxes to get awesome rewards.

How to participate

To collect the holiday bonuses, you need to defeat the Nether Guardians on the World Map. To do this, you need to send a troop from the Castle to attack the Monster. Monsters have no gradation of strength or weakness, so participation in capturing the Pumpkin Guard is available to all players.

During the event, try to collect as many items for exchange as possible. The exchange can be made in the special exchanger “Pumpkin Shop”, which is also located in the section of the Holiday Events.

In order to play during this event, you can go through the Event bar and press “To Find” button, then you will be automatically redirected to the World Map to the nearest monster. To attack, you need to use 20 Action Points (AP).

About rewards

When you have collected a certain number of special items – the Pumpkin Lantern, go to the Pumpkin Shop Event in the Holiday Events section. Among the valuable Rewards you will find:

  • Charming Phantoms – permanently unlocks Charming Phantoms Ambience. To activate, press “Castle” – “Colors” – “Ambience”,
  • Castle Skin Card – can be exchanged for Castle Skin at the Appearance Shop. This item has no expiration date and will not disappear on its own,
  • March Effect Card – can be exchanged for March Effects in the Appearance Shop,
  • Lord Look Emblem – can be exchanged for Lord Look (Portrait) at the Appearance Shop.

In addition to these items, you can get sets of in-game bonuses like Caishen’s Fragments, Promoters, Spinels, Shards, Essences, Sigils, Speedups, etc.

Note that Gem Spar for 9-Star Promoter can now be exchanged from the Holiday Shops. This items that previously could be purchased for donation (real money).

For capturing the Nether Guardians, you can also get the Guardian Key and Guardian’s Box. This crate contains a Pumpkin Lantern, Perfect Fragment, 5-Star Chosen Hero Card, Promoters, Resources and so on.

Participate in Guardian of the Night Event in Puzzles & Conquest and get tons of cool bonuses!


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