2nd Anniversary Announcement


Greetings, friends! The development team on Facebook posted the Announcement of the events of the 2nd Anniversary of the launch of the Puzzles and Conquest game. So, let’s see together what awaits us soon!

” Dear Lords, we are pleased to be able to share with you here about the 11-25(7:00-8:00 UTC) update and some of the anniversary activities. Here we have the Anniversary version preview.

New Contents: 3 New Heroes!

New Changes:

  1. New battlefield chat channel, which is accessible during Saurnesia, Boneyard, Military Expedition and Valiant Conquest.
  2. New difficulty ranks of Demon invasion: rank 6-8. Monsters will attack more frequently over rank 6. Successful defenses will increase random drop rewards (reinforcing allies castle could only provide points).
  3. New point reward grades of Demon invasion: 21-24 grades.

New Events:

  1. Anniversary Skin Shop: A large number of casle/march skins will return for sale for a limited time!
  2. Puzzle duel & Memory Card: An abundance of interesting mini-plays and live broadcasts have arrived!
  3. Make anniversary fireworks together: Participate and get a lot of rewards for free!
  4. Lucky Spin: New heroes and large amounts of rewards are available through the reels!
  5. Ambience Auction (Prepare your diamonds in advance): Join the global auction for permanent castle ambiance using diamonds! “

Stay tuned and don’t miss out with our announcement of the Puzzles and Conquest 2nd Anniversary Events!


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