Puzzle Duel Event


The “Puzzle Duel” event in Puzzles & Conquest is a new holiday event announced by the development team in advance. It can be found in the Events menu under the Holiday Events section. This is a special challenge in which players fight in PvP mode with each other. Now, let’s see toghether what this event is like.

Rules of Puzzle Duel Event Puzzles Conquest

  1. Consume attempts to match an opponent. The one who fully depletes their opponent’s HP first wins.
  2. Players can only match and buy challenge attempts within a given time frame.
  3. Bonus HP is determined by the total Might of heroes. The higher the total Might, the higher the bonus.
  4. Free challenge attempts and purchase attempts reset daily. Purchased attempts will be cleared every day as well.

About Rewards

  1. Each win grants pts and item rewards while each loss reduces pts.
  2. When a required grade is reached, grade rewards will be sent automatically via mail.
  3. Challenge an opponent to get Duel Coins which can be exchanged for items from the event shop.
  4. When the event ends, rank rewards will be sent based on pts earned.

Grade awards

There is a certain number of points that are converted into grades. Points are awarded for these levels.

  • Rookie (1000 points) – there are no rewards for this grade.
  • Amateur (1200 points) – 80 x Duel Coin, 40 x 1-st. Gear Shard, 40 x 1-st. Gem Essence.
  • Duelist (1500 points) – 220 x Duel Coin, 160 x 1-st. Gear Shard, 160 x 1-st. Gem Essence.
  • Adept (2000 points) – 450 x Duel Coin, 250 x 1-st. Gear Shard, 250 x 1-st. Gem Essence, 250 x 1-st. Saurgem Essence.
  • Duel Expert (2500 points) – 450 x Duel Coin, 250 x 1-st. Gear Shard, 250 x 1-star Essence of the Jewel, 250 x 1-st. Saurgem Essence.
  • Duel Master (3000 points) – 650 x Duel Coin, 500 x 1-st. Gear Shard, 500 x 1-st. Gem Essence, 500 x 1-st. Saurgem Essence, 500 x 1-st. Warsigil.
  • Duel King (4000 points) – 1350 x Duel Coin, 800 x 1-stars. Gear shard, 800 x 1-st. Gem Essence, 800 x 1-st. Saurgem Essence, 800 x 1-st. Warsigil.
  • Duel Legend (5000 points) – 2000 x Duel Coin, 1300 x 1-st. Gear shard, 1300 х 1-st. Gem Essence, 1300 x 1-st. Saurgem Essence, 1300 x 1-st. Warsigil.

Puzzle Duel Shop

During the event, players have access to the Puzzle Duel Shop. In the Exchange shop, you can buy a new frame for the Avatar “Apex Duel”, a Nameplate “Duel King”, 5-star Hero Choice Card, as well as items to improve gear, gems, curios, etc. You can use Duel Coins in the Exchange shop.

Take part in the “Puzzle Duel” Event in Puzzles & Conquest, and may the power of Chinese random be with you!


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