Questions And Answers (March, 2022)


Dear Lords, After the opening of the previous event, development team collected several questions from Lords to answer.

Q: Why does upgrading buildings require such a large amount of resources, especially wood and iron? When there are so few areas to gather them and so few placed in those areas?

A:Dear Commander, in strategy games, it is normal that the resources needed to upgrade buildings will continue to rise with the level of the building.
In the game, you need to use your own strategy to compete for resources. If you don’t know how to get more resources, welcome to our official discord to discuss with other players.

Q: Why still no ranged-stats lord skin?

A:Dear lord, Flora Fairy skin will add 10% Ranged ATK, for the ranged-stats only lord skin is in designing, plz notice our Follow-up announcement in community.

Q: Can u make events with treasure/pharaoh maps be regular during the month despite another events?

A: Dear Lord, Our events will have different adjustments depending on the holiday.
As of now we will have at least one treasure like event per month.

Q: Why is not mathematically possible to get Anubis+8 at the moment?

A:Dear Lord, We are planning to raise the maximum levels of the tower of trial, plz notice our Follow-up announcement in community.

Q: Any plans to make more constantly events like 777 or roulette?

A: Dear Lord, we are constantly planning new events and will also include some active and light-hearted activities.
We are constantly working on optimizing and improving the game.

Thank you for your love and understanding. Thanks for all your support.


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