Game Update 5.0.155


Good day, Lords! Lately, another game update 5.0.145 Puzzles and Conquest has released. Let’s see what changes are waiting for us in the game.

We remind you that when server maintenance starts, access to the game is disabled for one hour consecutively in all Kingdoms. If you have not yet passed the update, then soon it will be in your Kingdom. Do not forget to prepare to disconnect and complete all the started game actions!

Game Changes

Now let’s see what changes have been made with the release of the patch:

  1. 10-star Warsigils.
  2. Lv.11-Lv.12 Blessing of Warsigil.
  3. Added Floor 141-160 to Warsigil Trial and Floor 131-150 to Twilight Trial.
  4. You can activate Yune stickers and use them in chat or display them above your marching troops now.
  5. Your heroes in Arena will be affected by elemental fluctuations now. For kingdoms that have been founded for a certain period of time, some heroes will be unavailable for use while some will be boosted in Hero Showdown. This change goes into effect since the next Hero Showdown after the update.
  6. Improved Silver Weekly Card rewards.


So, you will be able to receive a set of certain bonuses in the game for the fact that the server has been shut down. This time, you will receive the following sets in Green Chests:

  • Maintenance Compensation 03/09/2022: 300 x Diamonds, 6 x 30 min. Research Speedup, 6 х 30 min. Healing Speedup, 6 х 30 min. Building Speedup.

We wish you all the good things, have fun in game, and do not forget to pick up all the Compensations that you can find on the main screen of the Castle in the form of interactive chests after Game Update 5.0.155 Puzzles and Conquest.


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