Night of Jester Event


The Night of Jester Event in Puzzles and Conquest is a festive event dedicated to the celebration of April Fool’s Day. During the challenge, players need to join the rally attack to a monster in the form of a Jester on the World Map. To do this, you need to be a member of the Alliance and cooperate with the players of your Alliance.

Rules of the Night of Jester Event Puzzles and Conquest

  1. Stay alert! You never know when the Joyous Jesters may show up on world map!
  2. Find them and take them down to make the treasures yours.
  3. The higher the Joyous Jester’s level, the better the treasures they carry.
  4. It seems the jesters are not fans of 1-on-1 duel, so make sure you initiate or join a rally to confront them!

How to get Points

For defeating Jesters on the World Map, you can get a variety of items. How many items you get depends on the Monster’s power level. Among the items will drop an Event Exchange Coin. This is a dark blue envelope that can be exchanged for various items in the Exchange Shop. It drops out of the Jesters. At the end of the event, each unit of this item will turn into 10 Gold.

To defeat the Jester, you need to go to the World Map during the Event time and select a Monster that looks like a clown with balloons in his hand. By clicking on it, you can see the level of power, possible rewards.

In order to assess your strength, you can first send out a reconnaissance squad. There is a special button for this in the Jester’s menu. When you have made all the preparations, press Rally Attack and gather a squad of troops to send on the march. After defeating the Monster, you will receive rewards in your Bag. You can enter it by clicking on a special icon on the Main menu of the Castle on the bottom panel bar.

About Rewards

Together with the Night of Jester Event, the Exchange Shop Event also started. It is a Festive Shop. In this exchanger, you can convert your Event Exch Coins into in-game items. For example, for 5,000 Event Exch Coins, you can buy Castle skin – Jester Theater for 30 days, which gives improvements: Infantry Attack + 15%, Ranged Attack + 15%, Cavalry Attack + 15%.

And also in the Store are various Promoters, Spinels, Essences, etc. All this you can get in exchange for Event Exch Coins. As Rewards for defeating the Jester, you can get in-game items:

  • Event Exchange Coins,
  • 4-star Spinel Gear or Warsigil, 200,000 x Soulstones, Level 8 Holliday Chest with generous bonuses,
  • 15,000 x Lord EXP,
  • 500 x 1K Food.

Other Spring Festive Events

In the new year 2021, a number of Festive Events have already taken place, which invited players to collect special holiday items and fight against unique monsters. Let us recall the Nianshou Challenge Event, which was connected to the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

There, on the World Map, you could see Monsters in the form of the mythological Demons Nianshou from Chinese culture. For this event, you could receive special holiday Red Envelopes that you can exchange for rewards in the Exchange Shop.

At the same time, you could participate in events:

  • Spring Crackle (earn Spring Crackers for being active on your account). Crackers could be used to receive Rewards and open Chests.
  • Red Envelopes Exchange Shop (in exchange for Red Envelopes, you could get many bonuses, including the skin of the Forbidden Palace Castle).
  • Spring Festival (you could get generous rewards from the table for various activities and completing quests),
  • Spring Sale (exchanger with good prices for in-game transactions).

The developers are preparing many more different themed events for players, play and have fun. Participate in the Night of Jester Event in Puzzles and Conquest, defeat strong Monsters and collect your wonderful rewards that will help you in development and conquest.


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