Game Update 2022-10-25


Dear Lord,

Patch note in 10-25 version, Maintenance will be performed on October 25th 09:00-10:30 UTC Have great day

What’s New:

1. New Lord Look: Starry Night Witch.

2. New Exclusive Curio for Hades: Umbra Shield.

3. Unlocked Alliance Expedition in Valiant Conquest: Alliance members can claim the Alliance Expedition Chest once alliance points have reached the specified amount.

4. Unlocked Kingdom Protection feature: Unable to attack or rally against player castles, Alliance Forts, and Border Stones within 24 hours after immigration.

5. Unlocked Lv.46 to Lv.50 Hell Fortress.

6. Upon defeating Lv.40 or higher Hell Fortress, you might obtain Harvest God Frag., Pioneer Crusader Frag., and Shadow King Frag. The higher the Hell Fortress level, the greater the obtaining rate.

7. Unlocked Lv.9 and Lv.10 Treasure Goblin. Upon defeating Lv.9 or higher Treasure Goblin, you might obtain Harvest God Frag., Pioneer Crusader Frag., and Shadow King Frag. The higher the monster level, the greater the obtaining rate.


1. Boneyard:

a. Optimized the rules of Boneyard Vault: When the countdown ends, the occupant of Boneyard Vault will receive treasure rewards.

b. Unlocked Boneyard – Ultimate Mode: All combat stats will be nullified in Ultimate Mode, but you can set up defense troop on the event page.

2. When setting troop formation, you can select each formation’s march effect separately.

3. Battle report now includes statistics about how many Unit Tactics are triggered during the battle.

4. Alliance Conquest:

a. For each challenge attempt, you have 1 chance to restart, resetting the battle to its starting state. It is not possible to restart completed challenges.

b. Increased the rewards for Leader and Officers.

5. After the castle reaches Lv.35, Cryptic Engineering can be obtained from Rare Earth Shop, Hero Arena Shop, and Diamond Exchange Shop.

6. After the castle reaches Lv.35, Alchemist Handbook can be obtained from Trial Shop and Legion Showdown Shop.

7. In the Alliance Monster Hunt event, you will now get rewards as long as you deploy a troop against a monster, no matter whether it deals damage or not. Furthermore, you can now recall the troops you deploy for monster hunts.


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