Game Update 2022-10-13


Dear Lord,

Patch note in 10-13 version, Maintenance will be performed on 09:00-10:30 UTC Have great day~

What’s New:

1. Saurgem Refinement Feature: 9★ or higher Saurgems can be refined with Saurgem Refine Solution to receive bonus stats.

2. New Tech: Unit Revenge Boost. Research it to improve the revenge effect of corresponding unit tier.


1. Boneyard:

a. Added item Horn of Hope and War Banner. Horn of Hope can increase your troop size for the next march, and War Banner can allow your troop deals more damage in the next attack.

b. Increased the free relocation attempts to 5.

c. Postponed the start time of the first round of Boneyard event by 1 hour.


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