Game Update 2022-09-01


Dear Lord,

Patch note in 09-01 version, Maintenance will be performed on 09:00-10:30 UTC Have great day

What’s New

1. New Hero Skins for Zeus and Hades.

2. Added an exclusive curio for Caishen: Jade Ruyi.

3. New feature: Saurgil (Requires Lv.30 or higher Sauroi. Equip Saurgils to increase the stats of Sauroi.)

4. Neptune’s Labyrinth will be unlocked after you clear Campaign chapter 24, in which you will fight match-3 battles to explore the labyrinth and obtain rewards related to Saurgil.


1. Military Expedition: (Unclaimed point rewards from the last round will be automatically sent to your bag after the maintenance ends)

– Now you can earn event points by completing occupation, killing enemy units, or losing your units.

– During the Military Expedition, Kingdom-wide events (including Occupation/Enemy Unit Kills/Fallen Units) and corresponding rankings will no longer be available.

– Lords at Gold or higher grade can meet certain point requirements to get Jager Frag.

– Kingdom Rank in Military Expedition will be changed to Battle Division Rank.

– Applied adjustments to the layout of the Military Expedition event.

2. The start time of Military Expedition and Valiant Conquest will be adjusted from 8:00 UTC to 10:00 UTC, with the event duration remaining the same.


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