Game Update 5.0.87


Recently, a major Game Update 5.0.87 Puzzles and Conquest was released, which concerns the Heroes system, affects Events and some other important game mechanics. Let’s see together with you what innovations have been introduced into the game this time.

We remind you that when server maintenance starts, access to the game is disabled for one hour consecutively in all Kingdoms. If you have not yet passed the update, then soon it will be in your Kingdom.

Game Changes

  1. Added 10-star gems.
  2. Added Lv.11 and Lv.12 Blessing of Gem.
  3. New Battle of Saurnesia mode: Alliance Clash (3 alliances vs 3 alliances).
  4. Increased the level cap of 5-star heroes to Lv.400.
  5. New Campaign mode: Master (difficulty level 3) where you can get Divine Dew to evolve Lv.350+ heroes.
  6. Military Expedition. There’re 7 grades now: Starter, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Legend. Kingdoms at the same
    grade will be matched. The higher the grade, the richer the rewards.
    Note: The initial grade will be decided based on the creation date of kingdoms.
    Bronze: Kingdom 108-116,
    Silver: Kingdom 85-107,
    Gold: Kingdom 1-84.
  7. You can now hide the demon attack prompt in Demon Incursion.
  8. Resource chests now display on the resource usage interface.
  9. Cosmetics: Harvest Moon Castle Skin (Troop HP + 10%, Troop HP + 10%), Ambience The Same Moon (Troop DEF + 5%, Troop HP + 5%), Full Moon Nameplate (Troop HP + 2%), Moon Rabbit March (Hunting March speed + 2%, Ranged ATK+ 4%).

Game Update 5.0.87 Details

So, the main news is that now you can boost the fifth-star heroes to level 400. To do this, it is necessary to fulfill the standard conditions for the evolution for the collection of certain resources. But, in order to increase the heroes to 350+, now you need to get special items in the Campaign at a special difficulty level – the Master.

You will see a new Alliance Clash tab in Events. It is an offshoot of the already famous Saurnesia Event. The difference will be a three-on-three battle.

You can see the rest of the changes in the game in the corresponding menus.


So, you will be able to receive a set of certain bonuses in the game for the fact that the server has been shut down. This time, you will receive the following sets in Green Chests:

  • Maintenance Compensation 09/08/2021: 300 x Diamonds, 3 x 60 m Speedup, 3 x 60m Building Speedup.

We wish you maximum good luck and don’t forget to collect all the Compensations that you can find on the Castle main screen in the form of interactive chests after Game Update 5.0.87 Puzzles and Conquest.


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