Personal Activity Event


Personal Activity Event in Puzzles & Conquest game runs for 24 hours, so try to complete it within this time frame. For completing it, you can get gaming items and Fragments of the Hero.

The main challenge of the event is to complete the Daily Quests. This quests include a variety of activities in the game:

  • Challenge and defeat opponents in the Arena,
  • Upgrading Buildings,
  • Improving Heroes,
  • Gathering Resources,
  • Equipment Upgrade,
  • and much more.

To thell briefelly, it is necessary to perform normal game actions that are familiar to any player.

As rewards you will be given:

  • Diamonds,
  • Speed-ups,
  • Resources,
  • Hero Choice Cards,
  • 5 Star Hero Fragments,
  • Blitz and Mark of Glory,
  • etc.

Event points directly depends on the progress of the points in the Daily Quests. So if you scored 110 points in daily quests, you can count on Phase 4 rewards (you need to score 80 pts). And to receive the Phase 5 reward, you will need to get 10 more points in daily quests.

Good luck with completing challenge in the Personal Activity event in Puzzles & Conquest!


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