Sunday, February 5, 2023

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Game Update 5.0.240

Dear Lords, Greetings! We would like to introduce you the game update 5.0.240 Puzzles and Conquest. There are a lot of changes and fixes;...

Feedback Event

Please take part in new version feedback event. We will continue to optimize our game, and will send rewards to you who filled the survey.Deadline:...

Survey and Upcoming Events

Dear Lords,We would love to hear your feedback on the game's name, logo, and in-game icons. The name you suggest may be used as...


Tips for Beginners

Puzzles & Conquest is a Match 3 game that use player logic, mindfulness and strategic thinking. The first advice for a novice player will...

How to lower the Might of your account

The operation to lower the Might of the Account in Puzzles and Conquest may be required by the Lord for Global Relocate. With a...

Tier List

Dear players, we present to you the Tier List of Puzzles and Conquest. Only heroes of 4 and 5 stars are marked on the...

Gift code

Puzzles & Conquest is a mobile game with strategy and puzzle elements, and like many in other games, it has a system of rewards...

How to remove Game Assistant

Many Puzzles & Conquest players complain about the annoying Game Assistant app icon in the game. By default, it is located on the left...