Game Update 5.0.129


Good day, Lords! Game update 5.0.129 Puzzles and Conquest has been released. And now we will see what has changed and what has appeared new during this time. The update was global for all servers in the game.

We remind you that when server maintenance starts, access to the game is disabled for one hour consecutively in all Kingdoms. If you have not yet passed the update, then soon it will be in your Kingdom. Do not forget to prepare to disconnect and complete all the started game actions!

Game changes

  1. Added snow and new year’s decorations to the territory of the Castle.
  2. Added 10-star Gear.
  3. Added Blessing for Gear level 11-12.
  4. Added floors 161-180 for Gear Trials in the Tower of Trials.
  5. An exclusive curio has been added for the hero Jumong: the Bow of Sun.
  6. Now you can change the skins of Sarbor and Animus in the Heroes menu.
  7. The “Puzzle Duel” event has been optimized: the matchmaking period has changed from 1 hour to 2 hours, now you can receive more Duel coins and awards for the Grade, the time limit per move has been changed from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
  8. Event “Demon Incursion”: Optimized the spawn time of the 10th and 20th waves of monsters.
  9. New Year skins for the Castle: Castle skin “Merryland” (Infantry HP + 10%, Ranged HP + 10%, Cavalry HP + 10%), Ambience “Christmas Eve” (Troop ATK + 5%, Troop DEF + 5%), Nameplate “Xmas Snowman” (Troop ATK + 2%), Nameplate “Happy New Year” (Troop DEF + 2%), March “Holiday Sleigh” (Hunt March Speed + 2%, Troop HP + 2%).

Anniversary Events

We remind you that there are Festive Events in the game, which can be found in a special menu section. They are connected to specific holidays or game changes. December is the time to celebrate the Puzzles and Conquest 2nd Anniversary. So don’t miss out on short-term unique events to earn special rewards.

For example, the “Anniversary Fest Making Fireworks” Event is currently underway. This is a Festive event, in which it is proposed to launch Fireworks on the territory of your castle and earn bonuses with the help of other players.

Event Rules:

During the event, unfinished fireworks will appear in your territory. Activate the firework so that other lords can help make it to increase the progress and claim rewards when the progress is 100%.
After tapping Activate, you’ll activate a firework in a random color, ranging from red, green, to blue.
By tapping other lords’ avatars or castles, you can help them make the firework and get ribbons (daily cap: 15) in the corresponding color. Ribbons can be exchanged for various items.
When the progress of a firework reaches 100%, other lords won’t be able to help make it on that day.
Ribbons can be obtained via helping other lords to make fireworks. All ribbons will be removed when the event ends.


So, you will be able to receive a set of certain bonuses in the game for the fact that the server has been shut down. This time, you will receive the following sets in Green Chests:

  • Maintenance Compensation 12/15/2021: 500 x Diamonds, 6 x 60 min. Speedup, 6 x 60 min. Healing Speedup, 6 х 10 min. Building Speedup, 6 x 10 min. Training Speedup, 6 x 10 min. Research Speedup.
  • Compensation for login issues on 12/15/2021: 500 x Diamonds, 5 x 60 min. Speedup, 5 x 60 min. Healing Speedup, 10 x 10 min. Building Speedup, 10 x 10 min. Training Speedup.

We wish you Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, a pleasant game, interesting puzzles, glorious conquests, warm and cozy evenings with your family and friends, do not forget to pick up all the Compensations that you can find on the main screen of the Castle in the form of interactive chests after Game Update 5.0.129 Puzzles and Conquest.


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